Thursday, February 07, 2013

Jamie Lidell: "Jamie Lidell" (album review)

There's no denying that British soul/glam/dance/R&B singer Jamie Lidell has made a bit of a sensation out of himself.  There will be people clamouring to get their hands on his new self-titled record when it hits the street on February 19th.

On this new record Lidell reinforces that he's an artist full of energy, flash, and panache.  That's comes blasting through the speakers on tracks like the disco-infused "I'm Selfish" and the all-out party starter "Big Love".

Lidell's biggest triumph comes on "You Know My Name", a track that owes a lot to "Atomic Dog".  While "Why_ya_why" is sleazy, in a delightful way, you'll absolutely hate yourself for allowing the atrocious "So Cold" to get stuck in your head.

The use of Autotune, while not rampant, is still ill-advised.  I can't tell if it's presence on "In Your Mind" and "Do Yourself a Faver" is tongue-in-cheek or serious.  Whatever the intent, the results are nauseating.

Sure tracks like "You Naked" can be infectious.  Lidell's soulful vocals and the scientifically-engineered-to-be-catchy beats will get you moving.  However, it's still too hard to overcome or overlook the all-too-often slimebag-encouraging lyrics.

Jamie Lidell is a record that needs to be cherry-picked.  There are some nice little nuggets, but to get to them you need to wade through a whole lot of rubbish.

Jamie Lidell plays Lee's Palace in Toronto on April 9th.

Best tracks: "You Know My Name", "I'm Selfish""

Track listing for Jamie Lidell:
  • I'm Selfish
  • What a Shame
  • So Cold
  • Do Yourself a Faver
  • Blaming Something
  • You Know My Name
  • Why_ya_why
  • Don't You Love Me?
  • You Naked
  • In Your Mind
  • Big Love

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