Thursday, January 03, 2013

Gliss: "Langsom Dans" (album review)

The adjectives that could be used to describe Danish/American rock outfit Gliss come fast and furious.  Hazy, dreamy, atmospheric, cinematic, they can all be applied to the trio and their forthcoming album Langsom Dans (out January 22nd).

There are no shortage of textures on Langsom Dans.  A listener could spend countless hours delving into songs like "A to B" and trying to unravel the threads of the sonic tapestry.

Unfortunately, the near-constant slow creeping pace of the songs begins to wear on the patience.  "Hunting" is sluggish and gauzy.  "Through the Mist" sounds like a tired Garbage filler track.

The murky "Into the Water" has potential, as does the sweeping single "Weight of Love".  Both could have been so much grander, however, if singer Victoria Cecilia provided a bigger, more forceful vocal performance.

On the rare occasion that the band ratchet up the tempo, the results are inspired.  "The Sea Tonight" is a fuzzy rocker that absolutely elates by awakening the senses.  It makes one wish that Gliss threw off the shackles of moodiness more often.

Despite all of the elaborate arrangements and painstaking layers, Gliss really don't provide us with anything we haven't heard before.  They don't do anything that My Bloody Valentine, Cocteau Twins, or The Raveonettes haven't done before or better.  In fact, if anything they are a watered-down version of each of those influences.

Langsom Dans is not a bad record, but it doesn't add anything to your library.

Best tracks: "The Sea Tonight", "Into the Water"

Track listing for Langsom Dans:
  • Blood On My Hands
  • A to B
  • Into the Water
  • Weight of Love
  • Blur
  • Hunting
  • Waves
  • The Sea Tonight
  • Through the Mist
  • In Heaven
  • Black Is Blue
  • Kite In the Sky

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