Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Sally Shapiro: "What Can I Do"

Sally Shapiro have announced that they will be releasing their new album Somewhere Else on February 26th.  The record will come out in Canada via Paper Bag Records.

Listen to the new track "What Can I Do" here:

Here's the track list:
  • Prescript 
  • I Dream With An Angel Tonight 
  • All My Life 
  • This City's Local Italo Disco DJ Has A Crush On Me 
  • What Can I Do 
  • If It Doesn't Rain 
  • Sundown 
  • Starman (with Electric Youth) 
  • Lives Together 
  • Don't Be Afraid (with Anoraak) 
  • Architectured Love (with Le Prix) 
  • Postscript

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