Thursday, November 29, 2012

Mike Cooley (Drive-By Truckers) set to release solo debut

Drive-By Truckers' Mike Cooley has announced that he will follow in Patterson Hood's footsteps and release a solo album.  The record, A Fool On Every Corner, is set to come out on December 11th.

There are a number of tracks on the David Barbe-produced record that are live acoustic versions of DBT favorites.

Here's the track list:

  • Loaded Gun In The Closet 
  • Cottonseed 
  • Guitar Man Upstairs 
  • Cartoon Gold 
  • Pulaski 
  • 3 Dimes Down 
  • Eyes Like Glue 
  • Carl Perkins Cadillac 
  • Behind Closed Doors 
  • Marry Me 
  • Where The Devil Don’t Stay 
  • Shut Up And Get On The Plane 
  • Drinking Coke And Eating Ice

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