Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Datsuns: "Death Rattle Boogie" (album review)

There's something in the water down under.  For years Australia and New Zealand have been pumping out bands that blow skull-crushing power through their amps.

The Datsuns have been at the forefront of that.  On October 23rd the band return with their new studio album Death Rattle Boogie.

The band waste no time hitting you square in the face with their guitar assault.  The album opener "Gods Are Bored" is the sound of the Earth being scorched by over-strained equipment.  Even the midtempo numbers, like "Axethrower", are heavy heavy statements.

The band draw a lot of influence from Classic Rock and aren't afraid to incorporate the style into their music.  The heavy "Gold Halo" is oozing of Black Sabbath, while "Helping Hands" blasts you with the metal/punk hybrid of Motorhead.  "Wander the Night" tosses some Prog Rock into the mix just for good measure.

All of this bombast is not without melody.  The blitzkrieg "Skull Full of Bone" and the glammed-up "Goodbye Ghosts" are undeniably catchy, as is the evil rumble "Shadow Looms Large".

Something this intense that revolves so heavily around maxed out guitars will tend to sound alike after a while.  That's the case for Death Rattle Boogie, which seems like it could easily have dropped three or four tracks to keep the listener's mind from drifting.

Best tracks: "Gods Are Bored", "Goodbye Ghosts"

Track listing for Death Rattle Boogie:
  • Gods Are Bored
  • Gold Halo
  • Axethrower
  • Bullseye
  • Skull Full of Bone
  • Shadow Looms Large
  • Helping Hands
  • Hole In Your Head
  • Wander the Night
  • Fools Gold
  • Goodbye Ghosts
  • Colour of the Moon
  • Brain Tonic
  • Death of Me

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