Thursday, October 04, 2012

Savoir Adore: "Our Nature" (album review)

There have been precious few records this year that have gripped me as firmly and as immediately as Our Nature, the forthcoming sophomore release from Brooklyn duo Savoir Adore.  The album, out October 16th, is equal parts Goldfrapp, Asobi Seksu, and Stars.

The overwhelming feeling of the album is slick, soothing, and seductive.  That's what sucks you in from the very first moments of the gorgeously-crafted "Dreamers".

The band isn't afraid to bring other influences and styles into their broad world.  "Loveliest Creature" combines bold beats with fuzzy pop.  Dipping into the past, "Imagination" has an '80s New Romantic vibe, while "Anywhere You Go" has that breezy Best Coast '60s homage touch.

Principals Paul Hammer and Deidre Muro share vocal responsibilities.  Both have lovely voices on their own (Hammer even manages breathe life into the artificial sounds on "At the Same Time"), but there's a special spark that happens when they combine forces on a song.  That leads to the sexy-without-being-tawdry interaction on the dreamy "Empire of Light", and the honest tug on the heartstrings of "Wild Davie".

Even the numbers that verge on techno pop, such as "Speed Bump" and "Regalia", are infectious and dance-inducing rather than mind-numbing and cliched as is the standard for the genre.

My best advice is to get on the Savoir Adore bandwagon now because if there's any justice in this world it's about to get very very crowded.

Savoir Adore play Rancho Relaxo in Toronto on October 13th.

Best tracks: "Wild Davie", "Dreamers"

Track listing for Our Nature:
  • Dreamers
  • Loveliest Creature
  • Sparrow
  • Imagination
  • Anywhere You Go
  • Our Nature
  • Regalia
  • At the Same Time
  • Empire of Light
  • Speed Bump
  • Wild Davie
  • Sea of Gold

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