Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Modern Superstitions: "Modern Superstitions" (album review)

It doesn't really matter how many sub-genres the independent music makers can come up with or how we as fans get categorized or segmented, there's nothing that brings everyone together like a good pop record.  That's exactly what we got this week in the form of the full length debut from Toronto's Modern Superstitions.
The album was the result of lengthy sessions that had the band holed up alternately with a pair of producers I'll dub the Fuck Brothers: Brian Borcherdt (Holy Fuck) and Ben Cook (Fucked Up).

The record kicks off with "Last Night's Dress", a cut of pure jangly indie pop.  Sing-alongs come in the form of "Bad Habit" and the bubbly "I'm A Coward".  There's a New Pornographers quality to the '60s garage-tinged number "Hometown Radio".

Lead singer Nyssa Rosaleen is a powerhouse on this record.  She can be a strong female voice, but has the range to provide more than her fair share of sweet melodic moments.  You can hear both on the slick, heartfelt "Bandits".

There are some harsher moments on the album as well.  It's not all sunshine and roses as the fuzzy slashing guitars and Rosaleen's throat-ripping performance on "String To the Sun" will attest.  "Way I Want" is a more sparsely arranged track with a desolation, lonely feel to it.  "Let It Melt" probably strikes the most impressive balance with Rosaleen hitting that Kim Deal sweet spot of being an introvert with swagger.

Modern Superstitions have devised a pretty tasty recipe for indie pop that should draw fans of a wide range of sub-genres in to sample their wares.

Best tracks: "Bad Habit", "Let It Melt"

Track listing for Modern Superstitions:
  • Last Nights Dress
  • Black Moon
  • Let It Melt
  • Bandits
  • Hometown Radio
  • School Days
  • String To the Sun
  • Way I Want
  • I'm a Coward
  • Bad Habit

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Congrats Nyssa!! ciao bella xx Sandi M