Thursday, October 25, 2012

Honey Claws: "Money Jaws" (album review)

Austin, TX's Honey Claws have been making fun-filled, quirky electronic music for some time now.  For their forthcoming album, Money Jaws, I anticipated much of the same.

Starting with the goofy lead-off track "I Love Summer", the outfit seems intent on proving me wrong.  The track is a hip hop-infused anthem that pays homage to 'half naked women on the beach', among other pleasures of the summer.  Wisely, Honey Claws stop just short of Bloodhound Gang novelty territory.

The trend continues with the raunchy "Wallmart Beat", a song that will make you feel guilty for liking it so much.  The grimy hip hop of "Black Nasty" is no less dirty.

The band does spend some time revisiting their roots.  "Me A Nude" is a carefree laidback number.  "Mr Kalahooza" is a bright and sunny tune, while "Gelatin" is a slick, trippy, groovy cut.

The record's outlayer is "Sleepover".  The sleazy dance club trance fits neither with neither the hip hop set nor the mellow coolness.

In all the lyrics may have gone a little too far over-the-top in the raunchiness, but despite that the vibe of the album remains fun, which is after all what we've come to expect from Honey Claws.

Best tracks: "Gelatin", "I Love Summer"

Track listing for Money Jaws:

  • I Love Summer
  • Wallmart Beat
  • Turn Up The Bass
  • Sleepover
  • Mr Kalahooza
  • Me A Nude
  • Mackin (added low)
  • Black Nasty
  • Gelatin
  • Fade Away

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