Friday, September 21, 2012

Yoko One, Kim Gordon, and Thurston Moore: "YokoKimThurston" (album review)

The teaming of Yoko Ono with Sonic Youth's former power couple Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore makes a lot of sense for avant garde music fans.  In fact it's surprising that the trio have waited until September 25th  to release the album YokoKimThurston.  This seems like something that should have happened fifteen years ago.

Most of the album's six tracks verge on the 10-minute territory.  That's a lot of time for Ono's half gargled, half yodeled vocals to germinate over the twinling, tweaking fits and starts of the Gordon/Moore arrangements.

The pace of these songs is glacial.  In fact, the album drags so badly and the noises so quiet, almost incidental, that you'll often forget that the damn thing is even playing.  You're jerked out of your complacency with Ono's caterwauling on "Let's Get There", and her (hopefully) simulated sexual moans and groans on "I Never Told You, Did I?".

Things are best when Ono enters the Spoken Word realm on "Running the Risk".  Gordon and Moore's backing vocals simmer underneath with an arrangement reminiscent of toddler's toys.

Moore and Gordon seem freer than they have in a long time.  The shackles of rock structure are completely removed in this environment.  It doesn't necessarily make for enjoyable listening, but

If this trio really wanted to shake fans up they would've produced an album of Archies' covers.  As it stands this 'avant garde' piece of work is pretty predictable.  Not for the faint of heart.

Best tracks: I don't even know where to begin

Track listing for YokoKimThurston:

  • I Missed You Listening
  • Running the Risk
  • I Never Told You, Did I?
  • Mirror Mirror
  • Let's Get There
  • Early In the Morning

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