Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Key Frames: "Low Light High Light" (album review)

Rarely does an album come around that's as easily enjoyable from start-to-finish as Low Light High Light, the forthcoming album from Toronto roots rock outfit The Key Frames.

From the first refrain of the soulful and melodic southern-tinged opener "Sorted Out", you know you're in for a treat.  The catchy ditty "Midday Sun" and the hook-laden  "The Hit Plays You" are delivered effortlessly.

Witty lyrics can be found throughout the record.  While they aren't laugh-out-loud funny, songs like "Yer Spell" are clever enough to plant a grin on your face as you listen.

The band obviously have some Blue Rodeo in their record collections.  "Wanna Be Rain" and "In the Mirror" are sophisticated  urban country in the Blue Rodeo mold, while "Way To Love" is a country blues lament that wouldn't sound out of place on Outskirts.

The band excels the most when they pick up the banjo.  The frolicking plucker "You've Been On My Mind" is a highlight, as is the instrumental banjo/harmonica hootenanny "National Keyframe Rag".

The only issue with Low Light High Light is timing.  This is a perfect summer record.  It seems like a waste not to have had it for those beer and barbecue long weekends.

The Key Frames play an album release party at 3030 in Toronto on September 29th.

Best tracks: "You've Been On My Mind", "Sorted Out"

Track listing for Low Light High Light:
  • Sorted Out
  • Midday Sun
  • You've Been On My Mind
  • Way To Love
  • The Hit Plays You
  • Bootlegger
  • National Keyframe Rag
  • Yer Spell
  • You're His Baby Now
  • Wanna Be Rain
  • In the Mirror

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