Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Rah Rah: "The Poet's Dead" (album review)

It didn't take long for Rah Rah to establish a reputation for reliably delivering infectious pop tunes.  Striking a near-perfect balance between heart-wrenching and catchy, the Regina outfit have won many hearts, mine included.

The band is returning with their third full length, The Poet's Dead.  It comes out digitally on October 2nd and in physical form on October 23rd.

On this third album the individual personalities of the band's honchos, Marshall Burns and Erin Passmore, are becoming more apparent.

Burns' contributions are earthy and organic.  His slant towards roots rock is evident on tracks like the gloriously ramshackle "Fake Our Love".  The twangy "First Kiss" is touching with Burns' slightly cracking vocals.  He even seems to channel Crazy Horse on the sprawling basher "Dead Men".

Passmore's numbers are certainly more polished.  There's the slick, grand "I'm A Killer" and "Run".  The synth even comes out to propel the album closer "Saint".  It all hits stride with the ethereal "20s", which is reminiscent of the shoegazer of Lush.

Pop is the bread and butter of the band though.  While there's nothing immediately irresistible, there are some strong hooks on the heaving "Art & A Wife" and the clap-along title track.

Best tracks: "Fake Our Love", "Art & A Wife"

Track listing for The Poet's Dead:
  • Art & A Wife
  • Prairie Girl
  • First Kiss
  • 20s
  • Dead Men
  • The Poet's Dead
  • I'm A Killer
  • Run
  • Fake Our Love
  • Saint

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