Thursday, September 06, 2012

Mother Mother: "The Sticks" (album review)

Few bands take as much getting used to as Vancouver's Mother Mother.  Rarely do they choose to do the obvious or the easy with their songs.  They take seemingly polar opposite elements and slam them together to create an aural Frankenstein.  More often than not it works.

On September 18th we'll get another batch of those misfits numbers when Mother Mother releases their new studio album The Sticks.

The off-kilter pop is what has always shone for Mother Mother.  On The Sticks that's no exception.  "Let's Fall In Love" boasts an infectious chorus between verses that relate unlikely tales of love involving yuppies, junkies, and animals.  "Infinitesimal" is melodic, groovy pop.

The band are never ones to shy away from their darker side though.  The title track is a creepy, sinister slow burn.  "Little Pistol" and "Love It Dissipates" rely on multiple vocalists to delivery a bluesy lament.

Sometimes the dark side is not as apparent.  A cursory take on "Dread In My Heart" would peg it as a pleasant, breezy, slightly-precious pop ditty.  Delving into the lyrics, however, yields a complete different story.

Things get a little harder on "Bit By Bit" with its workmanlike bashing.  The tightrope-walking "The Cry Forum" is a taut prog rocker.

The Sticks is yet another challenging album from Mother Mother.  Even though we all know what to expect by now, we are still taken aback a bit when it smacks us right in the face.  Thankfully, there's nothing quite as annoying as "The Stand" on here.

Best tracks: "Let's Fall In Love", "Love It Dissipates"

Track listing for The Sticks:
  • Omen
  • The Sticks
  • Let's Fall In Love
  • Businessman
  • Dread In My Heart
  • Infinitesimal
  • Happy
  • Bit By Bit
  • Latter Days
  • Little Pistol
  • Love It Dissipates
  • The Cry Forum
  • Waiting for the World To End
  • To the Wild

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Anonymous said...

Really knocked out by their first three albums, they're simply killer live and wanted to love the new stuff. I don't. Perhaps jumping to a conclusion too quickly, but the playfulness is suppressed this time around and it's replaced by an overbearing dirge quality. Hope I change my mind.