Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kyp Harness announces release of two new albums

Veteran Canadian songwriter Kyp Harness has announced the release of two new studio albums.  The records, The Wrong Way and Can a Poor Man Get a Fair Trial? (for the record the answer is 'of course'), both come out on October 16th.

Listen to "Autumn Leaves" here:

Listen to the track "Everyday Has Troubles of Its Own" here:

Here's the track list for the The Wrong Way:
  • Autumn Leaves 
  • Wrong Way 
  • Start Anew 
  • Baby Gets the Blues 
  • True Blue 
  • Prophet 
  • Right Where You Are 
  • Lucky For You 
  • Shadows of the Falling Twilight 
  • Lovely Xmas 
  • Girl From a Small Town 
  • There is a Place 
  • Always Here
Here's the track list for Can a Poor Man Get a Fair Trial?:

  • Wonderful To See 
  • The Old Crone 
  • No Other Bird 
  • The Old Man of the Mountain 
  • Prince of Dreams 
  • The Assassin 
  • The King and the Pauper 
  • Back to Life 
  • The Snake 
  • The Criminal 
  • The Jester 
  • Every Day Has Troubles of It's Own

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