Monday, September 03, 2012

Gentleman Reg: "Leisure Life Part 2" (EP review)

Toronto's Gentleman Reg is in the process of releasing his new album Leisure Life as a series of three EPs.  He got off to a tremendous start with the first installment (review), and returns this week with part two.

It turns out that Reg didn't front-end load the good stuff either.

The stylish, bubbly pop of "Make It Better" will get you moving, as will the propulsive boogie "Charm In a Phonebooth".

Things take a harder turn on "Rock Animals".  Reg's high vocals are masterfully counterbalanced by the heavy guitar-based rock.

Reg's voice cracks repeatedly as he delivers a heartfelt plea on the surprisingly soulful "The Declaration".  Again he conveys a seemingly bottomless depth of emotion on the subdued "Hit the Heart", which rounds out the tracks on this portion of the record.

With two-thirds of Leisure Life out in full public view it looks as though Gentleman Reg is well on the way to  releasing the strongest record of his career.

Best tracks: "The Declaration", "Hit the Heart"

Track listing for Leisure Life:
  • Make It Better
  • The Declaration
  • Charm In a Phonebooth
  • Rock Animals
  • Hit the Heart

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