Friday, August 03, 2012

The White Wires: "WWIII" (album review)

Ottawa's The White Wires are back in fine form.  This week the trio released their third album WWIII.  It's another collection of finely-tuned power pop tracks.

The key to The White Wires is throwing as many hooks as humanly possible into lean, efficient garage rockers.  There's no room for any filler when only one track exceed two and a half minutes.

Strong backing vocals on track like "It's Been a While" and "I'll Give You Everything" make sure that the choruses really pop.  It makes it much harder to resist singing along when the entire band has already joined in.

The playing is certainly not virtuoso.  There's a loose, free-flowing feel that allows the vocals and hooks to swoop their way across each number.  Add to that arrangement an unstoppable energy and you have a concoction that's equal parts Japandroids and Ramones.

Yes, the songs do begin to sound alike after a while.  However, when they are all the same type of catchy singalong, that's easily overlooked.

One would have to absolutely hate fun rock and roll music to not like The White Wires.

Best tracks: "The Magic", "I'll Give You Everything"

Track listing for WWIII:
  • All Night Long
  • Everywhere You Were
  • It's Been a While
  • The Magic
  • Alright With Me
  • I'll Give You Everything
  • Let's Start Over Again
  • And Then You Told Me
  • I'll Remember You
  • Jackie & Donna
  • Same Old Story
  • Please Write
  • Down On My Gun
  • Will You Come Back

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