Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Jennah Barry: "Young Men" (album review)

Coming out of the lush pop of The O'Darling, Nova Scotian Jennah Barry has released her debut full length solo album Young Men.  It's a record that incorporates elements of the band's sound, but shifts the focus towards Barry's enchanting vocals.

The lead single, "The Coast", sets the tone for the album.  A melodic thumping leads off before Barry's vocals set sail.  "Dead Give Away" threatens to be a tad too cutesy, but an infectious energy prevents that fate.

"Slow Dance" is a sweet, no-pressure twirl across the dancefloor.

Barry is at her most vulnerable on "Honey".  It's a simple, hushed, beautiful tune.  She takes us on another tender trip with the twinkling title track.  A measured methodically-paced wah wah takes control during "The Sheriff".

The harshest moment comes on "Mountie Mountie".  A dissonant guitar flutters through an otherwise introspective folk number.  Barry twangs things up a bit with the muddy "4x4".

Her fabulous voice notwithstanding, not every song on Young Men is memorable.  However, Barry has a presence that really has you rooting for her.

Best tracks: "Dead Give Away", "Honey"

Track listing for Young Men:
  • The Coast
  • Dead Give Away
  • Black Hole
  • The Sheriff
  • 4x4
  • Sweetheart
  • Slow Dance
  • Mountie Mountie
  • To Be Patient
  • Young Me

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