Friday, July 20, 2012

Passion Pit: "Gossamer" (album review)

You would be excused if you believed that the super-infectious summery pop of Passion Pit's 2009 hit record Manners was a fluke or a novelty.  It's not often something comes around that is so out there, yet so very accessible.

The band, including helium-throated singer Michael Angelakos, are trying to capture lightning in a bottle for a second time as they release their follow-up, Gossamer, on July 24th.

While there's nothing as immediately contagious as "Sleepyhead", the record does offer a fine selection of pop numbers.

The standout is the record's lead-off cut "Take A Walk".  Beginning a trend that will carry on throughout the course of the album, it's joyous and hopelessly groovy.  "Carried Away" takes its inspiration from '80s fluff pop.  The smooth "Constant Conversations" is reminiscent of "Deborah" from Beck's Midnite Vultures.  The hard-driving pace of "Mirrored Sea" gives Gossamer it's most intense moments.

It's the joyeux de vivre of Passion Pit that make these songs work though.  "I'll Be Alright" is defiantly celebratory.  A childlike exuberance can't be contained during "Hideaway".

Certainly not as strong a record as Manners, Passion Pit has managed to put together a decent follow-up in Gossamer.  It should help solidify their fanbase and give them some time to catch their breath before they decide which way to go from here.

Best tracks: "Take A Walk", "Hideaway"

Track listing for Gossamer:

  • Take A Walk
  • I'll Be Alright
  • Carried Away
  • Constant Conversations
  • Mirrored Sea
  • Cry Like A Ghost
  • On My Way
  • Hideaway
  • Two Veils To Hide My Face
  • Love Is Greed
  • It's Not My Fault, I'm Happy
  • Where We Belong

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