Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Matt Mays set to release "Coyote", listen to new track "Take It On Faith"

It's been four years since Matt Mays released an album of new material.  That's about to change as he gets prepared to drop his new record, Coyote, on September 4th.

Have a listen to the track "Take It On Faith" here:

Here's the track listing for the album:
  • Indio 
  • Airstrike 
  • Ain't That The Truth 
  • Take It On Faith 
  • Loveless 
  • Dull Knife 
  • Drop The Bombs 
  • Rochambo 
  • Slow Burning Luck 
  • Madre Padre 
  • Zita 
  • Stoned 
  • Queen Of Portland Street 
  • Chase The Light

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