Thursday, July 05, 2012

Dusted: "Total Dust" (album review)

Those familiar with the work of Brian Borcherdt (Holy Fuck) and Leon Taheny (The Bruce Peninsula) will be taken aback by the sound of their new band Dusted.  The group release their debut album, Total Dust, on July 10th.

There are no electronic tricks to speak of, nor any stripped down folk.  Instead we're given a DIY lo-fi rock.  All the rough edges and drone are left in a production that almost lets you hear the hum of the tape.

A melodic aura surrounds "(Into The) Atmosphere".  The tinkling of "Low Humming" transitions into a full-on haunting whir.

The vocals are often back in the mix.  A fuzzy guitar runs roughshod over introspective singing on "Cut Them Free".  A high-pitched delivery is no match for a buzzing bassline, accented by tambourine, on "All Comes Down".

The album standout is "Bruises".  The song wraps itself around you, clutching you tight within its comforting grasp.  "Long It Lasts" lulls you.  It's more than halfway through the song before  you realize that you are tapping your toe along to the insidiously infectious tune.

The result of all this is an album that seems almost like a modern update on the Eric's Trip classic Love Tara.    If you like droning, almost improvised rock, then you definitely need to give Total Dust some time.

Best tracks: "(Into The) Atmosphere", "Bruises"

Track listing for Total Dust:
  • All Comes Down
  • (Into The) Atmosphere
  • Cut Them Free
  • Low Humming
  • Bruises
  • Pale Light
  • Property Lines
  • Dusted
  • Long It Lasts
  • There Shadow

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