Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Paul Banks: "Julian Plenti Lives" (EP Review)

Julian Plenti Lives is the new EP from the alter ego of Paul Banks.  It's a good thing he lives too, because judging from their last album, his main band Interpol is as good as dead.

This is a mostly instrumental record, and those instrumentals are strong.  They are dynamic numbers that actually take the listener on a journey and tell a tale.

The opener "Perimeter Deactivated" is a harried number that smashes to break free of it's cage.  Stutter-step concussive beats make for compelling listening on "Mythsysizer".  The bookend, "Cavern Worship", is a sprawling modern rock opus.

The only track with significant vocals is the standard "I'm A Fool To Want You".  The strings and production give it a sinister vibe beneath Banks' schmaltzy Sinatra-meets-Scott Weiland's-Christmas-album croon.

Julian Plenti Lives is not the best work of Paul Banks' career, however, as far as instrumental records go it is strong.  Furthermore, considering his recent history this is a solid step in the right direction.

Best tracks: "Mythsysizer", "Cavern Worship"

Track listing for Julian Plenti Lives:

  • Perimeter Deactivated
  • Summertime Is Coming
  • Mythsysizer
  • I'm A Fool To Want You
  • Cavern Worship


Anonymous said...

this review is shit.

Unknown said...

Very insightful comment. You are a master of debate.