Friday, May 04, 2012

PS I Love You: "Death Dreams" (album review)

Kingston duo PS I Love You made one heck of an impression with their debut album Meet You At The Muster Station.  Now they are poised to follow it up with the May 8th release of their sophomore effort Death Dreams.

PS I Love You are not your typical guitar/drums group.  Usually bands with that arrangement fall into the garage rock/blues rock axis.  However, PS I Love You has more in common with the noisy experimental rock of Sonic Youth than it does with a band like The Black Keys.

That reality bites right away with the drifting spacey title track and it's sequel "Death Dreams II".  Wailing vocals scream loom atop a mesmerizing cyclical guitar groove on "How Do You".  "Toronto" has the most in-your-face guitar assault, while "Princess Towers" could be a hard rock hit with its fuzzy buzzsaw approach.

Being a guitar and drum combination, the song can sound a bit tinny at times.  A track like "Future Don't Care" begs for some additional thump.  When the songs do have a thumping bottom end, like on "Don't Go",  it adds that missing element that keeps the listener engaged.

"Sentimental Dishes" is a full-bodied rocker with a solid hook.  It even boasts a hair metal-worthy overblown guitar solo.  The finale is an apologetically anthemic big rocker "First Contact".

In the end however, there's not enough progression from Muster Station to Death Dreams to make both of them essentials.  If you can only own one, stick with the original.

PS I Love You play The Garrison in Toronto on May 15th.

Best tracks: "How Do You", "Sentimental Dishes"

Track listing for Death Dreams:
  • Death Dreams
  • Sentimental Dishes
  • Don't Go
  • Toronto
  • Future Don't Care
  • Death Dreams II
  • How Do You
  • Princess Towers
  • Red Quarter
  • Saskatoon
  • First Contact

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