Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Mode Moderne: "Strange Bruises" (album review)

There's little doubt where Vancouver's Mode Moderne draw their influences from.  Their forthcoming mini-album Strange Bruises is dripping with the sound of early '80s Goth-infused indie rock.

The album opens with the lead single "Nightly Youths".  It's a songs reminiscent of early work from The Cure.  The soaring "Foul Weather Fare", with it's catchy refrain and Joy Division-esque bassline follows.

More modern influences are weaved in.  The most obvious moment comes on "Guns", a track that wouldn't sound out of place on an Interpol record.

The vocals are suitably menacing, matching the eerie arrangements.

This is a sound that is extremely identifiable with a particular time and place, so it takes a deft touch to ensure that it doesn't come across as dated.  For the most part Mode Moderne manage that feat.  However, there are moments, like the track "Private Library", when the music is more of an aping tribute than it is a fresh piece of art.

Mode Moderne play Parts & Labour in Toronto on June 1st.

Best tracks: "Nightly Youths", "Guns"

Track listing for Strange Bruises:
  • Nightly Youths
  • Foul Weather Fare
  • Strange Bruises
  • Guns
  • Private Library
  • Electrocute
  • Open Air

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