Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Best Coast: "The Only Place" (album review)

Best Coast's 2010 debut album was characterized by sunny hooks and a surf-pop edge.  Not much has changed with their forthcoming sophomore record, The Only Place, which comes out on May 15th.

Most of the songs still sound like supped-up versions of "Islands In the Sun", which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

The album kicks off well with the chipper and bouncy title track.  The sugary power pop of "My Life" reminds one of that dog at their height.  "Better Girl" wobbles from side-to-side, getting more infectious with each shift.

Despite a repetitive refrain, "Why I Cry" still manages to be a catchy number.

There are some distinct lulls however.  The '50s-inspired sock hop slow dance "No One Like You" is slow, placing the emphasis on Bethany Cosentino's vocals, which are not the band's most impressive element.  The plodding "Last Year" only further proves that Best Coast really shouldn't slow things down.

Usually you crave for an artist to grow and expand their sound.  Best Coast is one of those rare example where you just want the band to do what they do best.  In this case, it's bright bubby indie pop.  They could use a little more of it on The Only Place.

Best Coast play The Phoenix in Toronto on July 21st.

Best tracks: "The Only Place", "My Life"

Track listing for The Only Place:
  • The Only Place
  • Why I Cry
  • Last Year
  • My life
  • No One Like You
  • How They Want Me To Be
  • Better Girl
  • Do You Love Me Like You Used To
  • Dreaming My Life Away
  • Let's Go Home
  • Up All Night

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