Friday, April 27, 2012

The Supersuckers @ The Horseshoe Tavern (live review)

Okay my Supersuckers reviews are never very subjective.  I love this band and almost everything they have done.  In my mind they truly live up to their self-proclaimed tongue-in-cheek title of The Greatest Rock And Roll Band In the World.  In a live setting at the very least.

Last night's show at The Horseshoe in Toronto was a 'best of' airing of the band's rock catalogue (sorry country fans).  It also served as a chance for Eddie Spaghetti and company to road test some new material.  Since the crowd was singing along after the first chorus, I would venture to say it tested pretty well.

The set reached back to the beginning for early favorites "Coattail Rider", "Luck", "Creepy Jackalope Eye", and "How To Maximize Your Kill Count".  The band worked methodically through their ample material, hitting on staples like "Bad Bad Bad", "Sleepy Vampire", and killer rendition of "Roadworn & Weary".

The 'rock n' roll songs about rock n' roll with rock n' roll right there in the title' segment was blistering, as was the early scorcher "The Evil Powers of Rock N' Roll".

The biggest ovations were reserved for mega-anthems "Pretty Fucked Up" and the traditional set closer "Born With A Tail".

The banter wasn't as sharp or witty as we've grown accustomed to.  However, the band seemed intent on jamming in as many songs as they could, and you can't complain about that.

I had seen Nashville Pussy one time before and I don't recall enjoying a solitary note on that occasion.  To my surprise they did not stink.  Despite a lead singer who looks like Warwick Davis and Lemmy Kilmister had a love child, they rock hard and got the crowd amped up for the main attraction (and left me singing "Why Why Why" in my head).

As for the first opening band, I think they need to a) keep their shirts on, and b) write songs about something other than video games.


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