Monday, April 16, 2012

Steph MacPherson: "Bells & Whistles" (mini-review)

April 17th will see the release of Bells & Whistles, the debut full length album from Victoria, BC-based folk singer/songwriter Steph MacPherson.

MacPherson's vocals are what really set her apart from the (very crowded) crowd.  She's got a warmth and confidence, but it doesn't mask an underlying beauty.

The arrangements are beyond the standard folk rock/pop.  They can be infectious ("This One"), twangy ("Bent & Unkind"), or just get your butt moving ("Summer Salute").

In the end you're left wanting some more poison-tongued lyrics, rougher edges and a harsher exterior to these songs.  If that comes it would be easy to see MacPherson step up alongside musicians like Emma-Lee and Lindi Ortega as the cream of the crop in this space.

Verdict: Borrow it

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