Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Royal Crowns: "Volume Three" (album review)

There's certainly a dearth of good new rockabilly music out there.  Luckily we can count on Toronto's own Royal Crowns to fill the gap.  Entering their twentieth year of existence, the band are poised to release their new record, Volume Three, on May 22nd.

Those looking for good ol' rockabilly won't be disappointed with the record as it checks off all of the genre's boxes.  The songs have good energy, sense of humour, and that throwback cha-cha.

Right from the get-go you can tell what's in store.  The opener "You Sure You Know What You're Doin'" is a catchy, fun number that will have you jiving (and possibly wailing).

The requisite strut is provided by "She Got It, And I Want It".  Even the instrumental "Pickled Beats" will have you grabbing your best gal for a twirl.

As always, the sense of humour is a key component.  Tracks like "Butterball Baby" and "3 Dollar Cologne" are instant classics.  The cheekiness is enough to pull even more run-of-the-mill tracks like "Pill Poppin' Poppa" and "Put It On" through.

The record's standout though is "Could It Be".  It's 2:11 of nearly perfect Buddy Holly rock n' roll.

All in all your summer just became a heck of a lot more fun thanks to The Royal Crowns.

The Royal Crowns play The Dakota Tavern in Toronto on May 25th & 26th.

Best tracks: "Could It Be", "She Got It, And I Want It"

Track listing for Volume Three:
  • You Sure You Know What You're Doin'
  • She Got It, And I Want It
  • Lady Pomp Gal
  • Put It On
  • Could It Be
  • Please Stop
  • Don't Seem Quite Right
  • Butterball Baby
  • 3 Dollar Cologne
  • Pill Poppin' Poppa
  • Heavy Baby
  • Pickled Beats
  • Cry Cry Baby
  • End Run
  • Johnny's Sister

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