Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mak: "Mak" (album review)

There a lot to absorb with Mak, the debut album from the Montreal quintet of the same name.  With no shortage of influences and musical styles at play, Mak definitely keep the listener on his or her toes.

The album kicks off with "If She's Got a Habit", a song with a smooth Trip Hop shyness about it.  A jazz influence comes to the forefront on "Reverse" and "Them".  Fans of TV On The Radio should take note.

The album standout, arguably, is "Stab Me".  It strikes a near-perfect balance between funkiness and earthiness.  On top of that, it is the most energetic number on the record.

Not every genre blend is successful.  "TV", for example, is pleasant enough, but the wistful melodic pop/indie rock combination sounds very dated (think Marcy Playground).  Also missing the mark is "Stone", a hip hop-infused cut that features Matthew Sweet-ish scrubbed vocals.

Sure, it only clocks in at nine tracks, but I would much rather have a nine song record that has seven or eight decent numbers than having to sift through a lot of chafe.

Best tracks: "Stab Me", "If She's Got a Habit"

Track listing for Mak:
  • If She's Got a Habit
  • Cause To Effect
  • Stone
  • Reverse
  • Young Lads
  • Stab Me
  • Bulletproof Love
  • TV
  • Them

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