Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Grinderman: "Grinderman 2 Rmx" (mini-review)

I'm torn about the demise of Nick Cave's Grinderman project.  On the one hand I hope it means we'll get more Bad Seeds music.  On the other, I think we were treated to two albums that took us to a different extreme.  So it's nice to get to milk a bit more out of it with Grinderman 2 Rmx, a remix album of the second record.

Anyone who bought the deluxe version of the original album has already heard the standout "Super Heathen Child", which features the legendary Robert Fripp.

With that aside, the new standouts are two diametrically opposed takes on "Worm Tamer".  A Place To Bury Strangers amps the song up into an industrial frenzy.  UNKLE turns the same source material into an ominous yet danceable track.

Personally, I find remix albums tend to be full of junk and noodling.  Surprisingly, there are only a few misses on the record.  The absolutely comatose Josh Homme swing at "Micky Bloody Mouse" and the zonked Andrew Weatherall remix of "Heathen Child" being the only real blights.

Verdict: Buy It

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