Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Apollo Ghosts set to release "Landmark" album

Apollo Ghosts will be releasing their new album Landmark on May 15th.  It's the band's third album and the first since their Polaris-nominated 2010 record Mount Benson.

Have a listen to the tracks "What Are Your Influences?" and "American Joint" now.

Here's the track list for the record:

  • What Are Your Influences?
  • American Joint 
  • I'm in Love With the USA 
  • Why Can't I be the Man On-stage 
  • Violet Margaret 
  • So Much Better When You're Gone 
  • Landmark 
  • Weekend Fantasy 
  • Day of Glory 
  • For What They Do, They Do 
  • Paralysis of My Long Clerkship 
  • I Followed the Rules and I Got Everything 
  • Guitar Brother 
  • Newcastle 
  • Will You Forgive Me

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