Friday, March 23, 2012

Yukon Blonde: "Tiger Talk" (mini-review)

Yukon Blonde have really set the Toronto music scene on fire over the last couple of years (not to mention How I Met Your Mother).  This week saw the release of their new studio album Tiger Talk.

If you're at all familiar with the band, at first blush there is not a lot on the new record that will surprise you.  The tracks are built on quality songwriting, with a keen ear for melody and harmony.  Hooks are used judiciously, and don't threaten to send the listener into the aural equivalent of a diabetic coma.

The highlight of the record is not one of those beautifully melodic tunes though.  Rather that brightest song on Tiger Talk is the gut-wrenching "Gun".  The bluesy number is drenched in a soulfulness that twists and turns your emotions.  It shows flashes of what could be an incredibly exciting direction for the band.

Vedict: Buy It

Yukon Blonde play Lee's Palace in Toronto on April 12th & 13th.

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