Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Wedding Present: "Valentina" (mini-review)

English indie rockers The Wedding Present have been churning out consistently strong records for over two-and-a-half decades now.  Their latest offering, Valentina, was released earlier this week.

Sometimes an album drops on you just when you are in the exact perfect mood to receive it.  That's just what happened with Valentina.

The perfect convergence of Superchunk power pop and Catherine Wheel  shoegazer drama, the album is muscular without being macho.  "524 Fidelio" is the perfect example, adding a memorable hook to a compelling, hefty bassline.

Valentina makes me wish (just a little bit), that I was a teenager in the early '90s once again.

Verdict: Buy It

The Wedding Present play the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto tomorrow night.

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