Sunday, March 25, 2012

Toronto concerts announced this week: KISS w. Motley Crue, Dead Can Dance

Here's a quick look at some of the notable concerts announced for Toronto this week:
  • Radio Radio, Great Hall, May 11
  • William Beckett, Mod Club, May 12
  • Gogol Bordello, Sound Academy, May 27
  • Norah Jones, Massey Hall, Jul 5
  • Jason Aldean, Molson Ampitheatre, Jul 12
  • Those Darlins, The Phoenix, Jul 21
  • Dead Can Dance, Sony Centre, Aug 23
  • KISS w. Motley Crue, Molson Ampitheatre, Sep 13
  • Ben Harper, Massey Hall, Sep 29


Nina said...

This is the rock show we all need and want. KISS and Motley Crue live and breathe rock and roll, and to see either live is a remarkable experience. And throughout their careers, neither band has compromised musically. Is their best music behind them? Yes. Are Motley Crue tickets overexpensive? Hell yes. And both these bands have made some great music and put on some great shows. Anyone who even pretends to care about rock n' roll music should see this show.

Motley Crue tickets said...

Saw KISS last year with my kids. Tried to explain to them that it was as much about the showmanship as the music. It was awesome. awesome close seats for $50 tickets bought outside 5 mins before show started ..If I had the chance to see motley I would want to be more close.