Friday, March 16, 2012

The Sadies return with "Night And Day"

Toronto roots stalwarts The Sadies are back.  This time they are teaming with Andre Williams for a new record.  The album, Night And Day, comes out on May 15th.

There's an impressive list of guest appearances, including Jon Spencer, Sally Timms, and Kelly Hogan.

Here's the track listing:

  • I Gotta Get Shortly Out Of Jail
  • America (You Say "A Change Is Gonna Come")
  • The Seventy Year Old
  • Your Old Lady
  • Bored
  • Mississippi & Joliet
  • I Thank God
  • Don't Take It
  • One-Eyed Jack
  • Hey Baby!
  • I'll Do Most Anything For You
  • That's My Desire
  • Me and My Dog

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