Tuesday, February 21, 2012

PS I Love You give away "The Muster Sessions"

PS I Love You are hearkening the release of their sophomore album, Death Dreams (out May 8th), with a look back at their Polaris-nominated debut.

The band are giving away a download of The Muster Sessions, a collection of live performances of the songs and b-sides from Meet Me At The Muster Station, recorded during their promo tour for that album.

Grab the download here.

Here's the track list:

  • subtle & majestic (kexp session)
  • meet me at the muster station pt. 1 (daytrotter session)
  • breadends (kexp session)
  • 2012 (cbc radio Q session)
  • CBEZ (xm session)
  • little spoon (xm session)
  • leftovers (feat. diamond rings) (daytrotter session)
  • starfield (cjlo "hooked on sonics" session)
  • butterflies & boners (cbc radio Q session)
  • scattered (cjlo "dirty work" session)
  • facelove (cbc radio Q session)
  • get over (daytrotter session)
  • meet me at the muster station pt. 2 (daytrotter session)

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