Thursday, February 02, 2012

Francis Harris: "Leland" (album review)

Electronic artist Francis Harris is probably better known by his nom de plume Adultnapper.  However, the Brooklyn dance musician sheds that alias for his forthcoming album Leland (out Feb. 7th), a record conceived as a requiem for his father.

The intention and inspiration may be the only good thing about the album though.

These songs move at an absolutely glacial pace.  The arrangements, which give an almost imperceptible nod to jazz, are too hollow to make up for the tempo.

These songs almost seem over-thought.  Harris is overcome by the odd urge to strip any spontaneity out of everything he dose.

When a cut like "Living Lips" opens with a groove that threatens to become compelling, Harris kills the mood by leaving the beat unchanged.  Harris' vapour lock means that it doesn't take long to move from compelling to grating.

Tracks with vocals, provided by Norwegian chanteuse Gry, fair a little better.  Those vocals are often the only thing keeping songs like "Lostfound" and "Pharoah In the Morning" from being completely mind-numbing.

The most disappointing part of Leland is that, for a record purported to be a personal work, it feels almost completely soulless.  Pre-recorded sounds and flatulent computer bloops are no replacement for the warm of the human touch.

Avoid this at all cost.

Best Least bad tracks: "Lostfound", "Pharoah In the Morning"

Track listing for Leland:
  • Plays I Play
  • Pensum
  • Living Lips
  • Lostfound
  • Of the Field
  • Pharoah In the Morning
  • Mclead
  • Picture Us
  • Close Air
  • Whether It Was
  • Leland

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Anonymous said...

wow, I mean I know the site is entitled snob's music, but seriously a 1.5 surely it deserves more than that for at least production value. oh well, i suppose you are actually stating an unsubstantiated opinion so i shouldn't feel so aggrieved.