Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bishop Morocco: "Old Boys" (EP review)

The times have seen Toronto-based duo Bishop Morocco double their numbers to become a foursome on their forthcoming EP Old Boys.  The record comes out on March 13th.

The band have always had an obvious New Wave influence in their sound, and that's no different on Old Boys.  However, there is a new darkness that's been injected into tracks like "City Island", that balances both melody and melancholy.

Bishop Morocco are at their best when they are blending the old and the new.  "Bleeds" kicks things off with a Broken Social Scene D.I.Y. style buzz that streams beneath a Joy Division-esque bleak atmosphere.  Book-ending things is "A Fine Line" that takes an October-era U2 shimmer and marries it to a Magnetic Fields deadpan.

The record can be a little cold and standoffish at times.  The beat on "Colonial Man" is robotic, with the vocals seemingly coming from a disinterested bystander.  The title track, and lead single, takes its cue from late-'80s New Order nonchalance.

The results are uneven to say the least.  But there are enough moments to warrant giving Old Boys a listen and seeing what unfolds for you.

Bishop Morocco play a CD release show at Wrongbar in Toronto on March 8th.

Best tracks: "A Fine Line", "Bleeds"

Track listing for Old Boys:
  • Bleeds
  • Old Boys
  • Colonial Man
  • Melt My Mind
  • City Island
  • A Fine Line

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