Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ben Kweller: "Go Fly A Kite" (mini-review)

One of the things I love about Ben Kweller is that he always seems to be having so much fun when he records.  That hasn't changed at all with his new album Go Fly A Kite.

This collection of songs is pretty typical Kweller fare.  They are indie pop/rock with a hint of twang.  Sure, there are moments that a more rockin' than we're used to ("Mean To Me", "Time Will Save The Day") and there's a maritime sway to "Full Circle", but it's truly the hooks and melodies that rule the day.

Kweller always has a naive childlike quality to the way he approaches relationship songs.  It makes a track like "Out The Door" so much more charming than it would be if it were done earnestly.

It all makes Kweller incredibly easy to listen to.  I know I'll be reaching for the comfort of this album when I'm in need of a little pick me up.

Verdict: Buy It

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