Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Balconies: "Kill Count" (EP review)

Toronto-based (Ottawa-native) rock trio The Balconies are returning with a new EP of blitzed-out joy.  The 5-song Kill Count EP is set for a February 28th release.

The record is really about the interplay between the frenzied arrangements and the irrepressible vocals of singer Jacquie Neville.  She never seems fazed as she delivers striking vocals while a measured, barely-contained storm of noise builds around her on tracks like "300 Pages" and the blistering opening title track.

The band delivers one of the most vibrant, textured tracks of the year thus far in the form of "Tiger".  However, tt's the ebb and flow of "Battle Royale" that truly hooks you and pulls you in for good.

A big swerve comes on "Serious Bedtime".  It's a danceable throwback with a glammed-up exterior and a classic rock soul.

If Kill Count is any indication, Canadian music fans should expect to hear big, exciting things from The Balconies in the next little while.

Best tracks: "Tiger", "Battle Royale"

Track listing for Kill Count:

  • Kill Count
  • Tiger
  • 300 Pages
  • Battle Royale
  • Serious Bedtime


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