Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rococode: "Guns, Sex & Glory" (album review)

Vancouver's Rococode is an indie rock band with a strong pedigree.  The members have been involved with projects from Canadian heavyweights including Said The Whale, Hannah Georgas, Dan Mangan, and Tegan & Sara.  Their forthcoming debut album, Guns, Sex & Glory (out Feb. 7th), was co-produced by Mother Mother's Ryan Guldemond.

The album itself is a loose affair, the quartet seem to be having a lot of fun flying through eleven indie pop numbers.  The hallmark is soothing melodies, delivered with a reassuring ease through the vocals of Laura Smith.

There are plenty of hooks for those craving them.  The jaunty "Blood" and the peppy "Death of a Payphone" are sugary enough to sate any rock sweet tooth.

Rococode bring an element of drama to the table as well.  The penultimate track "TINA" has the feel and force of a big-budget theatrical stage production, while "Weapon", arguably the album's strongest track", is a soaring, incendiary power pop number.

Sure, the laissez-faire approach Rococode takes does make for some unevenness in the record, but there are more than ample compelling moments to make Guns, Sex & Glory a worthwhile debut.

Best tracks: "Weapon", "Empire"

Track listing for Guns, Sex & Glory:
  • Concentrate On Me
  • Empire
  • Blood
  • Ghost I
  • Ghost II
  • Weapon
  • Dreams
  • Concentrate On You
  • Death of a Payphone
  • TINA
  • Guns, Sex & Glory

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