Thursday, January 26, 2012

RatTail: "RatTail" (album review)

Enthusiasm goes a long way.  That's certainly the case with the forthcoming self-titled album from Toronto trio RatTail.

The band, fronted by Jasmyn Burke (who sounds like a more macho version of Perry Farrell), bring a boundless energy to their mixture of garage and glam rock.  The songs are freewheeling efforts often electrified by a grimy, sexual tension.

Without having seen them perform, one can only visualize them dripping with sweat (and piss and vinegar) as they shimmy and grind their way across the stage.

The problem with RatTail is that the songs themselves just aren't that good.  A perfect example is "I Simply".  The song smolders and comes ever so close to catching fire.  The only thing stopping it from becoming a power pop anthem is a hook that isn't quite sharp enough.  The lyrics don't give a ton to fans to grasp onto either.

Enthusiasm goes a long way, but sometimes force of will alone is not enough to make a record completely successful.  I'm sure their live performance would leave a much different impression though.

RatTail play a CD release show at Double Double Land in Toronto on February 4th.

Best tracks: "I Simply", "Basic Buildings"

Track listing for RatTail:
  • Soon Enough
  • Tip Toe
  • I Simply
  • Go Green
  • Sicko
  • Basic Buildings
  • In Bloom
  • Gasmask
  • I Swim

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