Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Pigeon Row releases free Halifax compilation

Halifax's Pigeon Row has picked through the hordes of music that came out of that city in 2011 to bring you the free compilation Your Samples Our Obsessions.

The 16 tracks have been culled from the countless internet spots (Bandcamp, Soundcloud, etc) that bands used to get their music out there.  The result is a collection of songs from a scene bubbling just underneath the surface.

Grab the download for free here.

Here's what you'll find on the compilation:

  • Lake Names - "Can't Make Up (my mind)"
  • Quaker Parents - "teeshirt"
  • Long Weekends - "Quarter Sticks"
  • Nap Eyes - "Your Samples Our Obsession"
  • Old and Weird - "Feel No Threat"
  • Dream Friends - "Allan's Birthday"
  • Cousins - "Speech"
  • Cold Warps - "Let's Just Fun"
  • Bad Vibrations - "What Now"
  • Future Fields - "Tree Chimes"
  • Monomyth - "Anytime"
  • ISBN - "Winter Earth"
  • Quivers - "Kick You in the Stomach"
  • Bloodhouse - "Please Don't Meet Me"
  • Dog Day - "In The Woods"
  • Robert Loveless - "Mic RA"

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