Monday, January 23, 2012

Live On Brighton: "After Hours" (album review)

After relentless touring, the boys in BC rock trio Live On Brighton decided to pack up permanently and make the move across the country to settle here in Toronto.  Now they use the city as a base for promoting their brand new album After Hours.

The band's greatest assets are obvious from the get-go.  They have a relentless energy that comes through in the form of blistering guitars and sugary hooks which straddle the line between power pop and bubblegum punk.

A tongue-in-cheek sense of humour adds a level of charm to the record.

All of that combines for songs like "Give You That", which are fun, and just generic sounding enough to become massive alternative radio hits.

There are some big shortcomings with After Hours however.  It doesn't take long for the initial gloss to wear off.  After a certain point as a listener you come to realize that every song sounds pretty much the same.  By the end of the record none of the tracks stands out, and in fact, it proves difficult to remember any of them.

While After Hours does provide some entertainment while it's playing, it's hardly a classic record and is probably best suited to a role as background music to inspire you to finish off your chores around the house.

Live On Brighton are scheduled to play CMW in Toronto in March.

Best tracks: "Passenger Seat (Empty)", "End Scene"

Track listing for After Hours:
  • After Hours
  • Passenger Seat (Empty)
  • Around the Block
  • We Have Got What You Need
  • Ten Days Sober
  • Give You That
  • Roll With You
  • Today's Day
  • Pointed Fingers
  • End Scene

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