Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Little City: "Sperry/Capt. Kendall" 7" review

Toronto's Little City formed in 2009 and since then have released spurts of music that have been among the best folk-based to come out of this city.  Their latest effort is the 7" single "Sperry" and it's b-side "Capt. Kendall" (out Jan. 24th).

The 12-member band, which includes part-time members from The Wooden Sky and Ohbijou, are much more methodical than we've heard on the lead track.  The song has a tension that shows Little City are unafraid of venturing into new territory.  More typical is the freewheeling flipside "Capt. Kendall".  It's a rip-roaring singalong that evokes, unsurprisingly from the title, Maritime imagery.

As a music fan I wish they'd stop teasing us and give us a full length album already.

Little City play a 7" release show at 918 Bathurst on January 21st.

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