Friday, January 13, 2012

The Darcys: "Aja" (album review)

Toronto neo-shoegazers The Darcys are poised to release the second in a trilogy of albums they've plotted.  This one, out Jan. 24th, is a front-to-back cover of Steely Dan's 1977 mega-hit Aja.

The group use their bombastic sound to bring a completely different feel to the original exploratory jazz rock record.  Singer Jason Crouse does a pretty good Donald Fagen on top.

Little doubt remains that these songs are Darcys numbers now.  The title track is a sprawling, squealing soundscape that maintains the integrity of the original , tangents and all.  A flurry of guitars and drums confront the listener on the up-tempo rocker "Peg".

There's a compelling dichotomy to "Deacon Blues".  A dreamy melody/vocal combination float atop an electrically-charge driving beat.

Explosive endings are a hallmark of this album.  "Black Cow" and "Home At Last" both break down into cacophonous whirlwinds that abate far too quickly.

The album closer is also it's standout.  "Josie" is a smokey soulful number that, combined with the maelstrom of the arrangement it can best be characterized as bluesgazer (trademark pending).

Full credit goes to the band for a concept that came completely out of left field.  They did an admirable job bringing it home.

The Darcys play the Mod Club in Toronto on March 1st.

Best tracks: "Josie", "Aja"

Track listing for Aja:
  • Black Cow
  • Aja
  • Deacon Blues
  • Peg
  • Home At Last
  • I Got the News
  • Josie

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