Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dana Falconberry: "Though I Didn't Call It Came" (EP review)

Though I Didn't Call It Came doesn't exactly roll off the tongue as an album title, but the music contained within isn't hard on the ears at all.  That's the forthcoming EP, out January 24th, from Michigan-native Dana Falconberry.

The album was recorded in a church in Austin, TX, and that intimate, introspective environment is definitely conveyed in the sound.  Most of the songs are minimal in arrangement, letting that quiet feeling flourish.  Vocal harmonies round out the program.

The record's standout track is the opener "Petoskey Stone".  It's a lilting number, punctuated by deep cellos lines, all in support of Falconberry's charming voice.

The minimal arrangements can create some problems too however.  "Possum Song" is far too sparse to grip the listener.  The vocal harmonies, while lovely, seem to rise out of nowhere without reason, making it a disjointed song.  Similarly, the intimate strummer "Muskegon" comes across as only partially completed.

Things come back around on "Maple Leaf Red", a song that strikes a near-perfect balance.  The whistle is an ideal addition to Falconberry's music.  It's a subtle touch, but one that works in this small scale setting.

On the whole Though I Didn't Call It Came is an uneven effort, however, there are enough strong moments to make one optimistic about what Falconberry's future holds.

Best tracks: "Petoskey Stone", "Maple Leaf Red"

Track listing for Though I Didn't Call It Came:
  • Petoskey Stone
  • Possum Song
  • Muskegon
  • Maple Leaf Red

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