Thursday, December 01, 2011

Shawn Clarke & the Green Hearts: "Stray Birds" (EP review)

I find Toronto folk singer/songwriter Shawn Clarke to have a very appealing style.  He takes traditional folk elements with understated vocals and combines them with witty lyrics, many of which can make a listener chuckle out loud.

Clarke's latest effort, backed up by The Green Hearts, is an EP titled Stray Birds.  The EP comes out officially on December 6th.

This is a darker, colder record than his stellar debut full length.  These songs tend to have more elaborate arrangements and lyrics that are more despondent.  As a result the EP is less welcoming and harder to embrace.

There are moments that stand out from the get-go however.  "Cold Wind" features stark, desolate imagery with a complementary arrangement.  The result is an ideal soundtrack for the bleakest of Canadian February mornings.  "Eggshells" is taken over by a rootsy guitar riff that sprawls out into a near-Pink Floyd twang trip.

Stray Birds may not spotlight that elements of Clarke's music that I personally enjoy so much, however, it does provide some interesting insight into another aspect of the man's art.

Best tracks: "Eggshells", Cold Wind"

Track listing for Stray Birds:
  • Corners of Your Mouth (Intro)
  • In Transit
  • Cold Wind
  • Eggshells
  • Corners of Your Mouth

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