Monday, December 05, 2011

Of Montreal reveal details of "Paralytic Stalks"

Always elaborate and wacky, Of Monteal have unveiled details of their next studio album.  The record, Parlytic Stalks, will arrive on February 7th.

Hopefully the band has something new up there sleeve, since from where I sit their act has begun to wear a little thin.

We knew it was coming since the first track "Wintered Debts" has been floating around the internet for several weeks.  Speaking of "Wintered Debts", you can listen to that track here:

Wintered Debts by of Montreal

Here's the track listing for the record:
  • Gelid Ascent
  • Spiteful Intervention
  • Dour Percentage
  • We Will Commit Wolf Murder
  • Malefic Dowery
  • Ye, Renew the Plaintiff
  • Wintered Debts
  • Exorcismic Breeding Knife
  • Authentic Pyrrhic Remission

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