Friday, December 02, 2011

Josephine The Outlaw King

Josephine The Outlaw King is an ambitious multi-media project from artist Jeannette Louise Kantzalis.  The project consists of a novel, and accompanying album and videos.

The novel, Kantzalis' debut, follows the story of Josephine (duh).  A middle-aged woman, she's left for dead by a jealous ex.  Instead of passing quietly, she rises up to seek her vengeance.  And so the saga begins.

The accompanying album, composed by Kantzalis and credited to A Brokeheart Pro, is a collection of hard-driving, toe-tapping rock songs.

It all sounds like a lot of fun (well as much fun as blood-thirsty revenge can be), and will be available February 14th, making it the perfect Valentine's Day gift for any loved ones with odd ideas of romance.


TonyTexWatt said...

lol...only Jeannette K. & BROKEHEART PRO could come up w/ something this AWESOME!!!!!!...Watch out Tarantino & Sex Pistols...there's a new media LEGEND here!!!!!!

Tony "Tex" Watt said...

Hi All, Multi-Media Artist & Genius: Tex Watt ,here!...Grab a hot coco & snuggle up to your keyboard/keypad this holiday season w/ my awesome online Retro-Alt Store @ ...I love you all!