Thursday, December 01, 2011

Fugazi unleashes massive live archive collection

I've heard about some pretty large archival collections, but this one certainly trumps them all.  Today, legendary D.I.Y. punk outfit Fugazi launches their Fugazi Live Series.

During their career the band recorded over 800 of their concerts.  Those are all listed in the archive, with data, photos and flyers (where available), and MP3s.  Fans are asked to contribute by providing their comments on shows they attended as well uploading their own photos and other media.

Right now there are 130 full concerts that are available for download, with plans for more to be added.  It's a pay what you can deal, with the suggested price for a concert download being $5 (in keeping with the band's tradition of keeping music affordable and accessible).

All access membership to the archive is $500, but for unlimited access to this amount of material it's a completist's wet dream.

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