Monday, December 05, 2011

Doll: "The Ragdoll Diaries" (mini-review)

It's rare nowadays that I get a record that gives me that good old screeching metal jolt that everyone (in my estimation anyway) needs from time-to-time.  I certainly get that from The Ragdoll Diaries, the sophomore album from Ottawa quartet Doll.

The band melt are a relentlessly hard-driving metal machine, with razor-sharp punk arms and hefty grunge legs welded onto it.  The breakneck pace of "If I Could" and the take-no-shit first single "FMO" are powered by the vocals of Christina Kasper, who's defiant and forceful style is equal parts Kat Bjelland and Kittie.

If you don't dig Doll's absolutely vicious rendition of Billy Idol's "White Wedding", then you just don't like hard music.  This is not music for the tender-eared.

Verdict: Buy It

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